Being healthy is all about feeling great, staying physically and mentally strong, and maintaining your vigor to do well in the “game of life.”

Hello, fitness friends.

Being healthy is all about feeling great, staying physically and mentally strong, and maintaining your vigor to do well in the “game of life.”

Speaking of games, there is nothing more beautiful than when a coach calls a football play, and the team executes their assignments to perfection from the time the ball is snapped until the time the final block is thrown, which clears the runner for an 88-yard touchdown.

In this successful situation, all 11 people on offense were proactive by having their minds totally focused on the goal, then completing their specific duties on that particular play, and nothing else.

At the time of the play, they weren’t thinking about busy schedules, homework, or any other distractions no matter how important they may be.

No. Instead, they were thinking about what they have to do for their team to be successful in achieving the goal of executing the play, scoring a touchdown, and winning the game.

As long as each player executes their duties every play with consistency, chances are very high they will produce positive results.

On the other hand, poor execution on the above mentioned play, and a missed block that allows a defender to get to a runner in the backfield could quickly result in failure and a 15-yard loss for the team.

Your health and fitness goals operate exactly the same way.

Your results will be good or bad depending on how well you execute the habits of good health, nutrition, supplementation, and physical activity.

It is crucial to make sure you are completing all areas of your program consistently so that you give yourself a chance to be successful.

For example, your results would be less than pleasing if you did cardio six days a week, and ruined it by consuming 5,000 calories per day.

You must develop the mentality of an offensive football player, and take a proactive approach to aggressively executing the next assignment that keeps your program moving toward your goals.

Always make sure to include cardio respiratory endurance, resistance training, water, rest, proper nutrition, and vitamins in your regimen for great results.

Eat small meals more often and control your portion sizes.

Always consume a nice blend of proteins, moderate carbs, and low fats, and definitely eat your fruits and vegetables.

These are all issues that will help bring you health and fitness success.

Now all we have to do is “execute the play like an offensive football player” and incorporate these activities consistently into our lifestyles.

This can be done if we stay committed and proactive by planning ahead to fight any distractions that take us off the path that leads to our goals.

I know this is a very difficult part of the problem, but our solution lies within our mindset to “stay on offense” when making decisions that can affect our fitness success or failure.

I like using the term “stay on offense” because it simply represents and means for us to stay focused on our next important assignment and taking proactive steps without exception, that lead us to our goals.

If you know that you get hungry late at night and make bad choices on what you consume, offset this by being proactive and making sure you have healthy choices readily available in advance for when the urge strikes.

To give another example, I think we would all agree that our busy schedule or lack of time are common reasons we don’t take care of ourselves.

I truly believe to combat a busy tomorrow that has no breaks, the remedy of “staying on offense” could be as easy as going to the grocery store today, and purchasing enough healthy food and drinks that will last throughout the entire day tomorrow, so that you get the necessary nourishment.

In this scenario, you have just stayed on your program, are on track towards your goals, and still had a productive day at the office.

And to think without a little proactive, offensive minded thinking, the day could have easily been labeled as one, we “had no time to take care of ourselves.”

I want to challenge you to “stay on offense” when it comes to attaining your goals and dealing with situations you know are not good for your health, nutrition, weight loss, and fitness.

Think about your goals, make good decisions, be proactive, take action, and certainly always, “stay on offense!”

Until next week, please make it a nutritious and healthy day!

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