A play from a book written by a local author begins tonight in Stillwater.

The Broken Statue, a play written by Bob Perry from Shawnee, is currently showing at the Town & Gown Theatre in Stillwater, beginning tonight through March 24 and 28-31.

Show times are 7:30 p.m.on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Sunday matinees show at 2:30 p.m. For ticket information, call (405) 372-9122 or go to http://www.townandgown.org.

The Broken Statue, adapted from the novel of the same title, tells the story about the rise and fall of E.W. Marland, 10th governor of Oklahoma, and his second wife Lydie.

Marland made and lost most of two fortunes before marrying the niece of his first wife and his adopted daughter Lydie in 1928. He was 54 and she was 28 at the time.

After that, Marland lost control of his oil company that would become CONOCO, but was then elected to the United States Congress in 1932 and elected governor of Oklahoma in 1934. Marland served as governor from 1935 until 1939.

Jim Berry, the play’s director, is the grandson of James E. Berry who served as long-time lieutenant governor of Oklahoma. James E. Berry served with five governors, but in his first term, he worked with E.W. Marland.

The play is a fictionalize account of the Marland story using many of the real events in their extraordinary public life. The play begins with the narrator finding the long-lost and broken statue of Lydie. The narrator tells his granddaughter the story of how the statue was destroyed, starting with E.W. Marland’s arrival in Oklahoma in 1911.

Town and Gown Theatre is a regional community theater in Stillwater formed in 1950. Now in its 62nd season, Town and Gown Theatre has produced over 300 plays.

The Broken Statue play premiered in 2011 at the Jewel Box Theatre in Oklahoma City and won four Gem Awards including Best Actress, Best Feature player, Best Newcomer, and Best Play that year. The play also shows each summer at the Ponca Playhouse in Ponca City where the story is set.

Perry, will be at the March 29 showing in Stillwater. He has written several historical fiction books including, The Broken Statue, Mimosa Lane, Brothers of the Cross Timber, Guilt’s Echo, Lydie’s Ghost, and Return from Wrath.