Sixty-six years ago, Leon Rogers, of Shawnee, graduated from Oklahoma A&M University.

Sixty-six years ago, Leon Rogers, of Shawnee, graduated from Oklahoma A&M University.

Today, his 13th descendant to graduate from what is now Oklahoma State University will walk across the stage. Quinton Rogers, of Norman, will become an OSU alum today after majoring in Fire Protection and Safety Technology.

“I never felt pressured to come to OSU but obviously I made the right choice,” Quinton said.

Quinton said his grandfather, Leon, is a child at heart, is the most outspoken person he knows, and he has a great sense of humor. He said every time he introduces his grandpa to one of his friends, the reaction is always the same.

“They always say, ‘Your grandpa is so cool,’” he said.

Quinton’s parents met at OSU where his dad, Leon’s son, played football. His mother, LeAnn — who graduated from OSU in 1974 — said OSU was a wonderful experience and she’s proud all three of her sons graduated from there.

“It is so neat that all the grandkids went to OSU,” she said, referring to all of Leon’s grandchildren.

Celia Rogers Card, of Maryland, was the first of Leon’s children to attend OSU and graduated in 1972. She said her father and mother are firm believers of public education and always encouraged her to attend college, but never pressured her to go anywhere specific. At first she wanted to go out of state, but she’s glad she made the decision to go to OSU, she said.

“I have orange blood,” Celia said.

Both of Celia’s daughters also graduated from OSU and she’s already encouraging her grandchildren, who live in Maryland, to attend there as well. She said because her, her siblings, and all their children have all graduated from OSU, it makes this a great family experience. She said she is super proud of her dad.

“He’s a very special daddy,” Celia said.

Mignon Rogers Bolay, of Perry, also attended OSU with her husband, Mike, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in 1976 and her master’s degree in 1982.

Mignon said growing up her parents instilled in her the importance of education. She also said she had the opportunity to go anywhere she wanted, but because her two older siblings were still at OSU, she felt that was her home. She said she remembers her parents taking her to OSU for games, and she said the Alumni Association was great then and is still great today.

“Our blood is orange, there’s no question,” she said.

Mignon said her family has been very blessed and they all still see education as very important. All four of Mignon and Mike’s children have also graduated from OSU.

Randall Rogers, of Shawnee, who graduated from OSU in 1979, said today is a “pretty cool day” for his dad. Although it is a day for his father, Randall also stressed how important it is for his mother and for his nephew who is graduating. He also remembers going to OSU games growing up and said his mom has been there for them through all the tears and all the happiness. He said she’s been strong for all of them.

“Mom’s made a lot of sacrifices for us,” he said.

Randall said his dad is just so excited for his youngest grandson, Quinton, to be graduating today and that it is an absolute joy to see all the kids and grandkids graduate from OSU. Randall’s son also graduated from OSU.

“It’s a pretty cool thing,” he said.

Quinton said because he lives in Norman it would have been easy for him to just go to the University of Oklahoma, and that he went out on a limb going to OSU. The atmosphere at OSU is like nowhere else and you choose how social you want to be, he said.

“I went from knowing nobody to knowing everybody,” he said.

Quinton said he might be the 13th descendant, but if you include his mom and the other in-laws as well as family members on their sides, the number of family members that have graduated from OSU is hard to count. Oklahoma State University has a saying that Randall said fits his family to a tee.

“Loyal and true….it describes our family,” he said.