There are many different reasons why we maintain our exercise programs. Some more serious than others.

There are many different reasons why we maintain our exercise programs. Some more serious than others. Resistance or weight training has often been associated with appearance only. Many times the benefit of improving our health is forgotten and becomes secondary instead of primary like it should. Bulging biceps and a great pair of legs is always nice, but I think it is also important to remember that taking care of ourselves physically and mentally is one of the most importantant tasks each of us face every day. Please think about adopting this concept as your own. I would be willing to bet that later in life you will be very glad that you did.

If you have not done so, I challenge you to take a serious look at your fitness status and develop a passion that will drive you to remain active for life. It may be a poor doctors’ visit, you may be overweight and sedentary, or maybe you are just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. For whatever purpose you come up with, just remember that your reason matters because it is important to you! And I have got to tell you that If it motivates you to eat right, exercise, get proper rest, take your vitamins, and drink plenty of water, it is worth it, and I am all for it.

I think everyone understands that as we age, the muscle on our bodies tends to decrease. More times than not our weight also increases as we age, but even if our weight stays the same, that lost muscle is usually being replaced by fat. I challenge you to look at strength training as an effective way to counter this effect. Staying fit can also increase your life span. The odds of staying healthy and vibrant to the end of life is in the favor of those who are mentally and physically fit.

Please see the importance in staying fit for the rest of your life. All it takes is fullfilling the weekly required amount of proper exercise. Trust me, the bar is set low enough that everyone can succeed. Performing thirty minutes of physical activity most days of the week is a great goal to strive for. It is also important to remember that we do not want to over do it either. Always plan to Incorporate at least two rest days rest every week, and more if your body tells you too. Of course for most people the problem isn’t doing too much. It is doing too little or nothing at all.

I think alongside exercising to stay healthy, there is great benefit for striving towards age specific improvement. For someone in their fifties, it may be more appropriate to increase strength exercises only 10 pounds this month versus 50 pounds like they might have twenty years earlier. I cannot emphasize the importance of setting realistic goals. Challenging yourself safely adds both spice and fullfillment to your program. When you are reaching your goals and having fun, chances are very high you will continue your program. Do it for all the many good reasons.

We all know that consistency is the key, so plan your workouts weekly, and hold true to them, just like any important appointment on your calendar. Achieving and maintaining normal body weight and good fitness takes not only consistent workouts, but also healthy nutrition and portion control. It has been my experience that most people have more trouble adjusting to healthy eating than regular exercise. But I have also noticed that with time, focus, and effort the worst eaters can become very good ones. I see people making great results all the time simply by giving themselves a chance to attain fitness success everyday through goal committment and taking control of their situation.

Great improvemtents to your health and fitness can be made with a little faith in yourself, consistent workouts, solid nutrition, good vitamins, and great portion control. Strength training is so good for your mind, muscles, and bones. I encourage you to find a way to safely include it into your health improvement plan as a way of life. Weight lifting and fitness is not a cure all, but it is amazing how many people find that mental and chronic physical problems subside, or even disapear as they become nutritionally healthy and fit.

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