Local couple adopt young girl from Republic of Congo.

Local couple Brian Morris and his wife Lindsay invested 2 1/2 years to finalize an international adoption. The Morris family adopted their four-year-old daughter, Esther, from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

Lindsay and Brian have two biological sons, Bennett and Caleb.

After Lindsay spent a month in Africa and Brian followed staying two weeks, they were able to finalize their adoption and bring Esther to the United States this past September.

Brian and Lindsay were greeted with Esther the second day in the Congo and remained there until her ‘exit papers’ were finalized.

The ‘exit letter’ is the paperwork the country required them to finalize before Esther could leave the country.

Lindsay said she was very thankful to spend time with her daughter during her stay in the Congo.

Lindsay emphasized the poverty in the Congo and the difference she had to face while living in the Congo.

“We lived in a guest house surrounded by security gates and during the middle of the night, security dogs were released in the area,” she said.

While learning to adapt, Lindsay compared the difference of the atmosphere of the Congo compared to the U.S.

“In the Congo, you witness the contrast between beauty and poverty,” she said.

Brian, director of the Bison Athletic Association and Assistant Athletic Director for External Operations, said the adoption process had a lot of hiccups and bumps in the road.

“We experienced all different emotions in the two- year process,” he said.

Lindsay said adoption is a trying journey; everyone’s journey is different but the adoption process is hard.

Brian said Esther was their sixth referral in this adoption process. Unfortunately, one of their referrals died at the orphanage.

Esther is beaming while learning to adapt to life in America.

“She’s adapted better than expected,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay said Esther embraced her brothers upon her arrival and she’s so happy.

However, Esther has faced difficulties trying to accustom living in our country.

“Esther is coming from an environment where she had to be independent and she is still learning how to become dependent on her parents,” Lindsay said.

Lindsay said the positives will always outweigh the negatives when it comes to adoption.

“Adoption is scary and trying but worth it,” she said.

Additionally, Lindsay mentioned her family couldn’t have gone through this process without support.

“We are thankful for the support from our family, friends, church, community and OBU,” she said.