Federal Street bridge open with minor work remaining

• The Federal Street bridge is now open to traffic

• The contract bid with PbX Corboration was totaled at $685,565.

• The project included a complete removal and replacement of the bridge deck and wall and construction of new slop walls underneath.

• Repair of columns and beams of the superstructure was also completed.

• There will need to be additional work done such as staining of the concrete to give it a natural rock look. This process will begin after the concrete of the parapet cures completely.

• The bridge will be closed again the first part of December in order for the contractor to complete the staining and other miscellaneous work to the wall.

• Fencing was installed above the parapet wall as a requirement of the railroad for new construction in the railroad right-of-way.

• Instead of installing metal chain link fencing, City Engineer John Krywicki said they opted to do something decorative. The wrought iron fencing was installed Friday.