Cleveland County sheriff issues safety tips.

Cleveland County Sheriff Joe Lester doesn’t want the Grinch to visit anyone this holiday season.

As people visit shopping malls and plan trips, burglars and thieves will be looking for any opportunity to strike and take valuables. Keep vehicle windows rolled up and doors locked at all times.

Don’t leave anything in sight for thieves to steal. Keep valuables and purchases in the trunk.

When leaving any store or business, pay attention to parking lots. If shopping at night, park vehicles in a lighted area.

Thieves also could be lurking in neighborhoods. If any vehicles look suspicious, call law enforcement immediately.

Please keep Christmas trees and gifts out of view for criminals. Lock all doors and set any security alarms before leaving home.

Lester wishes everyone a safe and happy holidays.

“As you celebrate the holidays with family and friends, please keep these safety tips in mind,” Lester said. “Criminals don’t take the holiday season off. Enjoy time with loved ones and be safe.”

Any questions regarding this press release and/or information can be addressed to Meghan McCormick, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, community liaison/public information officer. McCormick can be reached at (405) 701-8847.