Road project way behind schedule.

The Details:

• City Engineer John Krywicki reports the Kickapoo project is behind schedule.

• The paving portion of the project is running behind several months.

• He said section (both sides) of Kickapoo from the Spur to Independence were to be completed back in August of 2013.

• That was from the original construction schedule submitted by Haskel-Lemon.

• He said ODOT has provided a new schedule that Haskel-Lemon has prepared.

• He said it looks like they won’t be completely through with the section from the Spur to Independence until end of March this year.

• The Contractor is also installing the temporary asphalt pavement on the east side of Kickapoo.

• That’s from Independence to Federal.

• When that’s completed they will move traffic over to the east two lanes.

• Then they will begin pavement removal and construction on the west two lanes.

• He said it’s a challenge to reconstruct a four-lane roadway improvement while never closing the road down, but maintaining two-way traffic at all times, and also providing access to all the businesses along the construction area.

• He says the water line relocation and improvements are 100 percent completed and in service.

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