Local horsemanship program aids in children’s reading.

C-Bar Horsemanship program contributed reading material to first grade students at a local school through the Horse Tales Literary Project.


C-Bar participated in this project to provide books for students at Horace Mann Elementary on Friday, March 7.


The principal of Horace Mann, the founder of C-Bar, the two directors of C-Bar (Linda McElroy and Mark White) and two of the horses will take part in distributing the books to the students.


The Horse Tales Literacy Project entails a three-step process.


The first step to this process is First Touch” the day the children receive their books.


Over a six-week period, students will learn how to read the book they are given.


Alongside the children receiving books, the first grade teachers will receive a 200-page curriculum.


Lastly, the children will come back after the six weeks to the C-Bar’s facility for a field day.


During this field day, the children will rotate to different stations and will read their book to the horses.


Charla Bundy, Founder and Director of C-Bar Horsemanship, discussed a horsemanship program in Stillwater that influenced C-Bar’s participation in this project.

Bundy said Turning Point Riding Center in Stillwater, is credited for helping C-Bar take part in this literacy project.


Additionally, Bundy explained the underlying purpose to fuel this project.


“The purpose for curriculum is one of the first national standards for our schools for reading is motivation,” she said.


Bundy said this project is their motivation, to inspire learning and a love for reading.


Also, Bundy highlighted the passion she has towards this project.


“I have a passion for children and adults learning how to read. I also have a passion for therapeutic horsemanship and educating people with horses,” she said.


According to Bundy, this program has served over 650,000 kids across the United States that have participated in this program.


“As much as I love hippotherapy and seeing children on the back of a horse and being free from that wheelchair or free from that walker, reading frees them even more,” she said.


Bundy emphasized the importance of the role of reading in a child’s life.


“They are free to read God’s word, which frees them spiritually; they are able to know what the constitution says and understand what it means without help from anyone else,” she said.


Bundy explained the reasoning behind choosing Horace Mann for this project.

“One of our directors is Mr. Mark White; he owns Air Flite, Inc. in Shawnee. He takes part in a tutoring program with Horace Mann, so that is the school we decided to partner with in this project.”


C-Bar was able to collect 75 books thanks to their sponsor, Avedis.

Bundy said Avedis promotes education, health and wellness.


Avedis is a local, non-profit organization that has helped fund some of C-Bar’s students, along with this project.


C-Bar is making this a fun and exciting experience for the children.

Bundy said Tom Flora Photography has agreed to take photos of all the children receiving their book with the horses and distribute them back to the children when the photos are finished.


C-Bar has had many volunteers that have helped prepare for this project. Specifically, OBU students Ashton Bouline, Marcus Titterington and Brittany Wadley, who have helped play a role in the C-Bar horsemanship program.