Google pranks aside, one of our favorite things to do on April Fools’ Day is see what gags the streaming services come up with. Last year, Netflix arranged its content into funny, entertaining categories.

This year, we're more impressed with Hulu.

The site launched a bunch of fake spinoff series to popular shows. 

The two with trailers don’t sound half bad.

"In the Kitchen with Hannibal"

We love "Hannibal" — it's probably one of the best underrated shows on TV right now — so when we saw an ad for a Hannibal cooking show we were actually kind of excited. 

Synopsis: "Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) shares his most treasured recipes on this new kind of cooking show. Feast your eyes on his parmesan-crumbled lamb brains, peppercorn mutton, and more."

"That's My Fitz"

This should get a chuckle from fans of ABC's hit "Scandal."

Synopsis: "Who says family and politics aren’t a perfect fitz? The most powerful couple on Scandal opens the White House doors for a hilarious look at what goes on outside the Oval Office. The only scandal would be not watching!"

"The Field"

The funny thing is that Terry Crews would probably be able to hold his own spinoff to "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

Synopsis: "Sergeant Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) has lost control. With a psych evaluation looming on the horizon, can he prove his anger issues won’t impact his judgment in the field?"

"Hola Señor Chang"

In the first season of "Community," Ken Jeong's character Señor Chang was introduced to us as a Spanish teacher. 

Synopsis: "Hola, Children! Join Community’s Spanish teacher, Ben Chang, and his puppet friends from Greendale as they teach us the ABC’s and 123’s." 


Not even actor Stephen Amell looks excited for this show.

Synopsis: "The superhero workout for body and soul featuring workouts inspired by “Arrow’s” Oliver Queen."

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