Pott County 4-H members place in speech contest.

Pottawatomie County 4-H members compete at SED Speech Contest


Pottawatomie County 4-H members went to the Southeast District Speech Contest recently in McAlester. Many 4-H members who participated placed in the top 5.


Emma Armstrong, participation ribbon Senior Speech.

Hadley Griffith, 1st place Intermediate Extemp and 5th place PowerPoint.


Morley Griffith, 1st place Junior Extemp and 2nd place Junior Speech.


Beth Houghton, 3rd place Junior Illustrated and 3rd place Junior PowerPoint


From the Bethel 4-H Club:

Mike St. Clair, 1st place Intermediate Illustrated Presentation


From the Dale 4-H Club:

Kyleigh Merrick, 1st place Junior Illustrated Presentation.


Kyleigh Merrick and Jayci Powell, 1st place Junior Team.

Illustrated Presentation.


Jordan Powell and Kate Collins, 2nd Place Junior Team Illustrated Presentation.