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Today's Boston Marathon is more than just a foot race. This year, the world is with the runners and the city of Boston. The Boston Marathon stands for American freedom and a city that refused to cower to terrorism. In 2013, two horrific bombs exploded at the finish line, which halted the race, killed three spectators and injured more than 200 people.

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It's a hat trick of victories for Lewis Hamilton, who eased to victory in the Chinese Grand prix. It's the first time he's won three in a row for the new Mercedes driver. He pulled away in the second lap and was untouchable for the remainder of the race. #LewisHamiton

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A 16-year-old boy hid in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight and hitchhiked a ride  from California to Hawaii and miraculously survived the lack of oxygen and cold temperatures during the six-hour flight.


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