Avedis Foundation provides city more than $641,000 for trails project.

The board of directors of the Avedis Foundation recently announced a matching grant of $641,472 to the City of Shawnee for a walking and biking trail extension plus additional lighting.


The new trail will be located on the east side of Shawnee, and construction is due to begin in November. It will connect with the established airport track, resulting in a continuous 13-mile route. The project also provides for much needed lighting on the west side of the airport track.


“It is exciting to assist in the enhancement and extension of the Shawnee walking and biking trail and add lighting on the wst side of the Airport trail,” said Michelle Briggs, President and CEO of Avedis Foundation.


“The City of Shawnee is excited to partner with the Avedis Foundation to provide additional pedestrian connectivity with this multi-purpose trail. This grant will assist the City with beginning implementation of the City’s Master Trails Plan and add a quality of life asset to our community for walking, biking and running,” said Brian McDougal, City Manager.”


“This is an exciting and significant project made possible by the generosity of the Avedis Foundation that will connect neighborhoods, schools and commerce, while increasing safety, walkability and promoting healthy lifestyles,” said Justin Erickson, Community Development Director for the City of Shawnee. “With strong community support and through critical partnerships such as these, we are able to enhance Shawnee and improve the quality of life for residents,” added Erickson.


“The trail and sidewalk improvements will be made over the next 18 months or so, with the first wave of improvements being the trail along Bryan Street and the lighting of the Airport Trail. Work should begin in November on the new trail,” added Erickson.


"Avedis also recently expanded the Bethel community’s walking and biking trail," said Briggs. "The Avedis Foundation is committed to improving the health and wellness

of the people of Pottawatomie County and these trails and improvements are just the beginning of our commitment."


Since it began awarding grants in 2013, Avedis Foundation has awarded more than $4 million to benefit Pottawatomie County and its surrounding communities through worth while projects that improve the health, wellness and quality of life.