Modern Christianity would be almost unrecognizable to the early church.

Modern Christianity would be almost unrecognizable to the early church.

Hate and anger are cottage industries used by overheated preachers and radio hosts whose riches swell as they bludgeon wrongdoers with their carefully redacted biblical passages.

Gay people and women who consider abortion won’t be won over by inexplicably pious splinter finders whose own planks are invisible to their own view though obvious to everyone else.

Bryan Fischer was finally removed as the spokesperson of the American Family Association but he still maintains his radio show where he says he is now freed up to truly speak his mind. Apparently, the AFA was really holding him back as he attacked FOX News Channel hosts and Supreme Court Justices for their views on same-sex marriage and even warned his listeners against the “gay Gestapo” just since the first of this year.

He even said President Barack Obama’s tax plan violates the 8th and 10th Commandments which is not hate speech but it was offensive in its absurdity.

He also attacked women who have abortions and Planned Parenthood because of some services they provide.

Unfortunately, Fischer is not alone. He isn’t mainstream, but far too many people adhere to views like his because they feel so much better about themselves as though their own sins somehow become less scarlet in comparison to these.

It’s silly.

I hate that I need to remind people that the only time Jesus ever got upset it was at church people. He called Pharisees whitewashed tombs that looked nice from the outside but were filled with dead men’s bones. He cleared the temple with a handmade whip because of the unsavory actions of the people in charge of the temple.

Jesus never got mad at people deemed sinners. He never even showed anger toward the men who arrested and crucified Him. His last words were asking God to forgive them because they didn’t know what they were doing.

I know the Biblical references that make it clear that homosexual relationships and abortion are wrong. I have also seen a few verses that don’t speak too highly of many things of which I am very guilty. I bet if you look past the Christian coffee cups and platitudes, you would find yourself in need of grace and asking for a little mercy as well.

I guess that is why I don’t understand the ease with which people sit in judgment of others because they sin differently than we do.

Instead of holding up signs calling women who seek abortions murderers, maybe we could volunteer at a ministry that helps women through that difficult decision to a positive outcome without criticizing them.

If you have a friend who is gay, you don’t have to hate them. It’s crazy, but it is true. I checked. The same God who came to find you can do just fine finding them as well.

It might be easier for Him if you took your hypocritical mindset and hateful language out of the way.

If you truly believe in God, that belief needs to allow you to understand He is big enough to handle all of the judging and smiting all by Himself. We get the good jobs.

We get to care about people no matter what they do or why.

When a patient shows up to an emergency room, doctors don’t question him as to why he was foolish enough to jump on a trampoline and refuse to put a cast on broken leg because the injury occurred during an activity the doctor doesn’t agree with.

We can all be broken together and make it a point to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.

If your beliefs make you hate people, you’re doing it wrong.

The world needs more spiritual emergency rooms and fewer whitewashed tombs.