We just celebrated April Fools Day and you should be celebrating again tomorrow, even though you probably won’t.

We just celebrated April Fools Day and you should be celebrating again tomorrow, even though you probably won’t.

Easter is still a couple of days away. So why should you be celebrating?

April 3 is recognized as Cheese Weasel Day. This is the world’s only widely known internet holiday. Since 1992, the day has been informally set aside to honor those people who practice the dark art of computer repair. The elusive IT guy who appears out of nowhere when viruses strike or systems fail.

When you get the blue screen of death or rainbow spinning wheel of frustration, who do you call?

Do you ever even tell them thank you when your work day returns to normal and you can pretend to be working while you browse Facebook or watch YouTube videos all afternoon?

Cheese Weasel Day (which you can learn more about by going to www. http://cheeseweaselday.com or follow on Twitter with the hash tag #CheeseWeaselDay) is set aside to show appreciation for those people who make our work machines work.

It is an informal holiday so there is no official history of its inception. However, legend has it that two tech savvy guys happened upon a weasel carrying a piece of cheese and determined that it must be a holiday to see such an event.

The legend has grown from there and now, for more than two decades, people have played along with the humor of the day and left slices of cheese under the keyboards of techies who have been good boys and girls all year.

A song has even been written to commemorate the holiday. Here is a snippet that is commonly recognized.

Who brings cheese on April 3rd?


He's not a silly bunny or a rabbit or a bird


Chris Forbes is a friend of mine who has taken up the cause for the past decade. Each year he works as a Cheese Weasel Ambassador of sorts to help expand the holiday and the appreciation the techie community deserves.

“I started celebrating around 2004,” Forbes told me. ”I thought it was funny and had a good purpose.”

Forbes even has a Cheese Weasel Day website where you can buy merchandise and goodies for your favorite computer guru.

There is never a bad time to celebrate the help these experts give the rest of us to keep us online and running. April 3 just happens to be the best time.

If you are reading this online, thank a techie.