During the 911 Update at the Pottawatomie County Commission meeting Monday, Tommy Arnold, 911 director, said as of mid-September, the City of Shawnee has suspended approval on requests for unit identification numbers and talk group permission requests for the 800 system towers, except for agencies that have a contract with the city to provide dispatching operations.

The 800 system towers are for emergency services, including fire, police and EMS.

Arnold explained that each radio on the 800 system needs an ID number for two reasons; so the radios can be tracked and so other radios cannot connect to the emergency frequency.

In an email, Shawnee/Pottawatomie County Emergency Manager Donald Lynch, who was unable to attend Monday’s meeting, said after discussions with other officials, he was not comfortable granting further requests until he received policy clarification.

Justin Erickson, city manager, said this suspension will not impact emergency services.

Watch for further updates.