• The Avedis Foundation, in June 2014, awarded the City of Shawnee a grant for trail improvements associated with implementation of the Master Trail Plan. The $641,742 grant will be matched with city funding to accomplish projects over the next two fiscal years.

• According to a recent parks assessment done by the city, trails are the most highly requested improvement to Shawnee’s park system. The report’s findings were gathered by Shafer Kline Warren and Dick Horton Consulting from a public meeting, responses from a local survey and from an on-site tour of the park system, James Bryce, director of operations, said.

The trails plan’s objectives are to:

• Incorporate bicycle-friendly and

pedestrian-friendly design and

construction considerations into street

reconstruction or new construction;

• Provide design and construction

specifications for trails and other

facilities that are safe and compatible

with City standards;

• Provide support to and encourage

local businesses to incorporate bicycle

support facilities (parking, drinking

fountains, changing rooms and

showers) and employee incentives to

choose alternative transportation;

• Provide connections between trails and

on-street bikeways and sidewalks;

Provide temporary signage to alert

users of trail construction or detours.

• Explore opportunities for utility trail,

easement trail, rail-to-trail and rail-

with-trail projects

• Address individual neighborhood needs

such as access to schools, parks, commercial centers, churches and places of employment;

• Provide public facilities for bicycle and

pedestrian travel such as parking, lock-

ups, and restrooms in appropriate locations.