Let me start by wishing everyone happy holidays! Wouldn't you agree, this time of year seems to just bring out the best in us all?

Let me start by wishing everyone happy holidays!

Wouldn’t you agree, this time of year seems to just bring out the best in us all?

Overflowing expressions of joy, thanks, and good cheer warm our hearts and souls from now until the New Year.

Even dating back to the year 1621 when it all started, the Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe exemplified celebration, reflection, and thanks as they feasted together for three days at the “First Thanksgiving.”

The very fundamental traits of volunteerism, endurance, and team work that helped their colony survive back then continue to inspire us today as we enjoy our family, friends, and holiday traditions.

With modern times moving faster than ever, I’m sure these Thanksgiving days of leisure are welcomed by all, allowing our minds and bodies a little time to rest and be nourished.

In addition, reconnecting with loved ones, giving honor to God, and being thankful for life and all that we have, is quality time that just can not be replaced.

And most certainly, you cannot talk about Thanksgiving without talking about the feast. Oh my goodness, I think the cooks get better every single year. Even the most savvy and dedicated fitness enthusiasts are thoroughly challenged not to overindulge.

Unfortunately, with so much temptation and unwavering odds stacked against us in the form of our favorite appetizer or deserts, I think it is safe to say that most of us will consume a little more than normal.

However, let me also be the first to say that it is absolutely OK. In all actuality, your body will probably gain some benefit from receiving valuable nutrients that have been neglected in your normal eating regimen. I hope everyone gets to enjoy their favorites on Thanksgiving; I certainly will enjoy mine.

After it is all said and done, and you feel like you overindulged, never fear because this one day cannot prevent you from attaining any health and wellness goal that you may be seeking.

At worst this should be viewed as a normal setback that you can overcome with ease. In life, we deal with setbacks all the time by learning from them, making adjustments, and getting better. This situation is absolutely no different!

Just stay positive, remember your goals, continue the daily disciplines of good health, and you will be right back on track in no time!

Every morning most people awake to the various sounds of their trusted alarm clocks so they don’t oversleep.

Even though the sound can be a discomforting reminder that your rest period has ended, its purpose brings fulfillment by keeping you on schedule for a productive and rewarding day.

From a health and fitness standpoint, Thanksgiving and the holidays are just like an alarm clock. It rings as loud as the Friday afternoon tornado sirens, delivering a message of better health, hope, and a future for the upcoming New Year.

For fitness enthusiasts, Thanksgiving is a reminder, that it is definitely time to get started on our health and fitness programs.

With all the parties, festive gatherings and celebrations, if not careful the next 60 days can make or break any good health and wellness program.

When tempted, and you are making choices throughout the holidays, please enjoy yourself, but also keep better health in mind as well.

The holidays will come and go, but you only have one mind and body that must be taken care of at every opportunity to last a lifetime. Controlling portion sizes and quantity is crucial!

I hope everyone heard the alarm this morning and is gearing up to make the next 60 days a joyous one filled with choices that continue to move you progressively towards your health and fitness goals.

Please believe that you can be in the best shape of your life, and by the way, if you get started right away, you could realistically find your weight safely 16 pounds less by Jan. 20.

I saw two alarming reports that stated Oklahoma ranks 47th on the list for poor health. Obesity, public programs, and personal care were a few of the criteria used in the study.

Also on average Americans will gain 10 pounds or more over the holidays.

I challenge each of you to join in the fight to change each of these statistics in our area!

It’s a great time make your health, vitamins, nutrition, and fitness a priority!

Happy holidays, everyone, please go out and make it a great fitness day!