There are all sorts of ways to dye your Easter eggs nowadaysincluding using natural elements like beets and turmeric for coloring. Do it all from scratch or try all-set dyeing kits to make your Easter egg creativity even easier this year.

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There are all sorts of ways to dye your Easter eggs nowadays. Use the classic Paas dyeing kit, food coloring or even natural elements like beets and turmeric for coloring. You can even try using different sized eggs like quail, duck or goose. While white eggs are a cleaner surface for dyeing, try brown, too, to change up the depth and hue. You can do it all from scratch, but we found some great egg dyeing kits to make your Easter egg creativity even easier this year, and some fun personalized baskets for the kiddos to hold them all during the Easter Egg Hunt, so read on for all of that, but first, some tips

Dyeing Easter eggs is a fairly simple process, but here are a few things to consider for the best results:

White eggs work best for dyeing because the shell absorbs better, but do try brown, too.. Use cooled hard-boiled eggs or clean, dry hollowed-out eggs. Make hollowing out easier with this little tool made just for that purpose Be sure to cover surfaces -- the dye will stain more than your eggs.   Use plastic or glass cups or glass or ceramic bowls -- the dye will stain your dishware, too. Use white vinegar in the color baths. Don’t just dunk. Place each egg on a spoon first or use tongs  to prevent splashing. Turn the eggs to even out the color Keep the eggs in the dye bath for at least five minutes to set the color.  The color deepens the longer the eggs soak. Let the eggs dry upright. An empty egg carton is perfect for this.  

Go All Natural

Safe, natural egg dyes made from fruits, herbs, and veggies are part of this Natural Dye Kit. . The kit include 4 colors of natural dye that make 5- 6 colors, including grape, blue, green and orange. Find an instruction sheet with a collection of fabulous "Creative Egg Art Ideas," too. Natural fruit and vegetable extracts include spinach, purple carrots, turmeric, beets, red cabbage, and blueberries.

We also love the Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit which includes a grass growing kit on which to show off  your finished eggs. The eco-eggs coloring dyes are made with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage. The kit includes 3 powder-based coloring packets made with all natural and organic vegetable and plant extracts with dried vinegar, eco-crayon for decorating eggs prior to dipping, grass seed, 2 eco-coconut husk pucks (just add water to make soil), color chart and instructions. Get yours now.


Go old-school and a little bit wacky

The Paas Easter Egg Color Cups 2 Pack Deluxe Egg Decorating Kit includes Color Cups, Dye Tablets, Dippers, Magic Crayons and 2 magic crayons to make patterns. This Easter egg dye kit includes everything you need to create the ultimate egg decorating activity for toddlers and kids.

The Crazy Bird Craft Kit  and Easter Animal Craft Kit (sold together) includes fun aAdhesive foam egg decorating craft supplies and assorted animal designs like sheep, rabbit and chicken). 


Decorate way out of the box -- or carton


We found four easy-to-use dye kits that offer more decorative variety. the No Spill Easter Egg Coloring Kit & Speckled Egg Sponge Coloring Kit  colors dozens of eggs using the patented NO-SPILL Design. The Speckled Egg Kit contains 5 packets of liquid egg dye, 2 no-mess sponge holders & 6 speckling sponges, color pallet and a jigsaw puzzle. Get hours of decorating fun with these two kits without the spill mess. Non-toxic food coloring

The Tie Dye Egg Coloring Kit gives you a brand new hippie dippie look to your single color eggs. Get 5 color packets, 6 coloring bags, work station and egg stands plus all the instructions you need.  Also try the Galaxy Egg Easter Egg Dye Kit and bring a bit of Star Wars to your Easter Egg Hunt on April 1.

Finally, the Super Color Kit for Decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Delrin Kistky) from Ukrainian Gift Shop features 3 delrin kistky (stylus) in fine, medium, and heavy, 12¨ brilliant dyes (yellow, orange, scarlet, light blue, light green, black,¨ dark green, pink, dard red, brick, turquoise, royal blue), a 6 page color¨ instruction folder with helpful hints, designs and  diagrams, 1 pc. light¨ beeswax and  2 color postcards.

And some personalized baskets to gather them in...

Choose from dozens of styles of Personalized Wicker Easter Basket inclusing Brown Bunny, White Rabbit and Thomas the Tank Engine, all on sale right now. Order by March 22 to get in time for Easter!