It’s getting much easier to see along the airport walking track –– just in time for all those with New Year’s resolutions determined to get fit.

Lights at the track are being installed by an OG&E contractor, City Manager Justin Erickson said.

“They are spaced 100 feet apart and are designed to provide good light coverage along the entire trail route,” he said. “There are approximately 168 lights and the total cost was around 200,000,” he said.

The project was funded by a grant from the Avedis Foundation and is part of the City’s recent trail and sidewalk initiative that is being jointly funded by the City and Avedis, Erickson said. The matching grant of $641,472 to the City was first announced October 2014, and implemented for a walking and biking trail extension, plus additional lighting.

Ultimately, the intent has been to connect the trail system with the established airport track, resulting in a continuous 13-mile route.

“We hope the public will enjoy this enhancement and that it will allow people to use the trail for extended hours with an added sense of safety,” Erickson said.

The lighting and trail enhancements are an effort to fill a need indicated by recent survey data.

The City’s recently adopted Parks Master Plan details that data, which highlights the popularity of trails and the public’s strong desire for a more walkable community.

The project should be wrapped up in January, weather permitting,” Erickson said.

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