On this Mother's Day — a day to honor moms for all they do — several local mothers reflect on what this day means to them.

Becky Gibson will spend this special day with her 4-year-old daughter, Brianna.

For Gibson, becoming a mother four years ago was quite a journey. Before welcoming Brianna into her life, she dreamed of becoming a mom but endured five miscarriages.

After going through all that, she nearly gave up and decided she didn't want to be a mom, she said, and then suffered through the loss of a foster child as well.

When she became pregnant with Brianna, she didn't tell anyone about the pregnancy until she was put on bed rest during her 25th week.

Early labor would come, but she made a deal with her baby to hold off, vowing “I would be the best mom I could be,” she said.

Her labor pains stopped and Brianna waited to make her appearance when the timing was right.

“She's a true blessing,” Gibson said. “Our bond is unbreakable... I couldn't be more blessed in my life.”

Mother Kimberly Parker will spend today with one of her two children, Blakelee, her 8-year-old daughter. Her son, Colby, 20, is serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and lives in California with his wife and new baby.

“My kids are a blessing,” she said.

Cassie Helms is celebrating her first Mother's Day today after giving birth to her son, Bentley, just 14 weeks ago.

While today is a celebration for her, the concept of being a mother is still new.

“I still can't believe I have a baby,” she said, adding that she's learning. “I'm a MIT — Mom in Training.”

She'll also celebrate her mother today too and continue a long tradition in her family.

Helms said while she was a child growing up, she always made crafts for her mother each Mother's Day.

“She kept a box of everything we made for her,” she said, adding that even as an adult she still makes her mother special Mother's Day gifts.

And while she's working today, a friend watching Bentley today may help carry on that tradition of homemade Mother's Day gifts by helping Bentley make her a Mother' Day gift.

Nadine Beattie has one child of her own — 5-year-old Saige — but through her efforts in a nonprofit organization to help foster children, nine others ages 5 to 18 also call her “Moto Mom.”

Beattie said that non-profit helps students with the sport of dirt bike racing, but teaches them so much more about life, building character, responsibilities and more.

Today, she'll spend the day with many of the children from that group who don't have the privilege of being with their own moms today, she said.