Incumbent Senator Ron Sharp defeated Brooke McGowan in the District 17 race on Tuesday.

With all 28 precincts reporting, Sharp ended up with a total of 2,775 votes, 53.89 percent, versus 2,374 votes, 46.11 percent for McGowan.

In the 11 Pottawatomie County precincts, voters gave Sharp the boost he needed to return as State Senator. Sharp won the county with a total of 1,562 votes, 70.61 percent, compared to 650 votes, 29.39 percent for McGowan.

Upon announcement of the results, Sharp said he was thrilled with the victory.

“I'm very pleased that people elected me back into office,” Sharp said. “My purpose is to be the best legislator possible, continue to show up 100 percent of the time, as I've done the last four years and do the job.”

He said, “It's such an honor to get to serve as a state senator. This was not something of which I ever thought I would achieve. The good people of District 17 have allowed me a chance to serve another four years. I plan to serve them with dignity and the respect of which they deserve.”

Brooke McGowan was very congratulatory toward Sharp. She said she was extremely humbled by the support she received during her campaign.

“I'm extremely grateful for the support,” McGowan said. “I would also like to congratulate Ron on his victory. I just love the people of the district. I'm just blessed for the support.”