Parents of Shawnee High School students received a message from Shawnee Public Schools on Friday to inform them of an incident that occurred on Thursday.

That message said:

“Yesterday, shortly before the lunch periods began, Shawnee High School administrators were alerted of an anonymous post on a social media app making a threat against a teacher.  Police were called to the site to assist in supervising students and to help investigate the threatening post. Teachers and administrators along with police officers on the scene ensured that the lunch periods and the rest of the day were safe and secure.  We apologize for not getting this information to you until this morning. The negative use of social media by an anonymous individual makes it difficult to get accurate information to all of us.  Thank you for the continued support you show to Shawnee High School and our District.”

Superintendent April Grace, who said the district crafted that message on Friday, said beyond the message itself, the district took every precaution around student and staff safety.

“Anytime these things happen they are alarming and taken seriously,” she said. “These anonymous chat rooms, while often used by pranksters from here or abroad, cannot be dismissed as such. We have to make sure safety is a number one priority.”