The Marketplace is about to experience some new building construction after a months-long lull in finishing out Phase I.

The Marketplace is about to experience some new building construction after a months-long lull in finishing out Phase I.

Two of the four remaining properties –– along the west side of Kickapoo –– are soon to be developed for business.

Two of the three lots between CVS and Aldi are about to undergo construction. The fourth –– the other empty property –– is located just north of Aldi and south of Delta Cafe.

A building permit has been approved for a four-tenant structure on the lot directly south of Aldi, Community Development Director Justin DeBruin said.

And just north of 46th street –– next to CVS –– a two-tenant structure is under review at the moment.

DeBruin has not yet said what businesses are going into those spaces.

The housing development just south of St. Gregory's University –– the Timbers Addition –– is wrapping up the last phase, which includes 90 houses.

“They are ready for building permits –– three have been issued this week,” DeBruin said.

Deerfield Estates, which began about two or three years ago, DeBruin said, at Elm and Bradley Streets.

“There are about 19 lots finishing up, and trying to get the bonds and everything in place and actually start construction,” he said. “They are finishing the retaining wall for detention pond there, as well as the sidewalk, so we'll start to see building in the next six months or so.”

Residents may have noticed fencing around the former Cinderella Motel on Kickapoo Spur. DeBruin said the property is currently under some kind of litigation.

“I know that the current property owner is having some legality issues that have happened with insurance; I don't know more than that,” he said.

Also, a final plat was approved for Belmont Park Phase II, located east of Acme Road and north of MacArthur Blvd., approximately 8.47 acres in size. Section I is approximately 2.06 acres.

Belmont Park LLC submitted their preliminary application in March 2016 to develop 16 lots on 8.47 acres. Fourteen lots are proposed for construction of duplexes, while two lots will be available for commercial use. The subject section, Section I, includes only the two commercial lots on the northeast corner of Acme and MacArthur. What was originally proposed at two commercial lots has been combined to form one lot in accordance with the subject final plat.

DeBruin said one major concern for the property is a substantial existing pipeline easement that prohibits any construction on it. Barring a letter from the organization holding rights to the easement, Blueknight Energy Partners, approval of building permit and certificate of occupancy cannot be granted.

He said staff has received assurance that a pipeline easement agreement is being signed and processed, allowing public/private improvements access to the site.

The item will go before City Commissioners Sept. 19.

Watch for more updates on current projects.

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