Greetings on this lovely fall day! October will soon bring us an array of gorgeous scenery, plus pumpkins and scarecrows that will dot an array of yards and porches.

Greetings on this lovely fall day! October will soon bring us an array of gorgeous scenery, plus pumpkins and scarecrows that will dot an array of yards and porches.

Wow! There’s so many exciting things that occurs in Shawnee and area, that one should never get bored! What a fantastic evening to see and hear Roy Clark and the Gatlin Brothers! Although, it was sad to see Mr. Clark have a minor “spell” at the closure of his segment of the event. But, after he chewed a small white pill, he didn’t leave! He stayed to visit with a long-time friend, Ms. Jody Miller, and hear the Gatlin boys, last Friday night!

How great it was for Larry Gatlin to have the full-house crowd to stand, and place their right hand over their heart and watch as the large screen displayed “our American Flag,” with all saying the “Pledge of Allegiance”!

Then, on Saturday night, to those that missed the show on Friday night, you still missed a great show on Saturday night at Gordon Cooper with Leona Williams and her son, Ron Williams. Thanks to Dr. Dean Hudlow and Mr. and Mrs. David Click, whom were celebration their Sixtieth Anniversary, for bringing them to Shawnee!

Let me tell you, if you want to sit back, relax, and visit with both old and new friends, while observing beautiful scenery and lunch at Queen Wilhelmina Lodge, then call the Immanuel Baptist Church office, while there are still some vacant seats for the foliage tour Thursday, October 27; departing from the church at 7:30 am.

Then, if you want to take another tour, it will be to the Arbuckle Mountain area of Turner Falls/Falls Creek area, on Tuesday, October 25; so call now for reservations!

Hey, come on down to the Senior Citizens’ Center on Thursday, October 13, from 5 – 7 pm. Mark your calendars now, so you won’t forget, as there will be demonstrations of Tai Chi, Enhance Fitness, Ceramics and Pottery, and a Billiards Tournament, plus a tour of the facilities!

And, you know Kate, Director, won’t let anyone come in without something to eat, so there will be Senior Meal snacks, compliments of WalMart and coffee by Manchester St. Coffee. Door prizes are donated by the local businesses that will have booths set up on site! For more information, call the Center, 878-1528. Kate said, “Come on down!”

Are you understanding ? Understanding is a necessity of life. Understanding that it is okay to age, and get what’s called “old,” but one should never think “old!” As long as we live, we can keep on learning and thinking joyful, happy thoughts!

Thinking in that manner is necessary because things are constantly changing, such as: telephones, appliances, travel, vehicles and inventions! I loved my electric typewriter and didn’t want computers. I wanted to reject ALL of this new fang-dangled stuff that my children wanted me to learn!

It was necessary for me to go back to college in my forties, then fifties and last in my sixties, finally obtaining my degree, which required me to move into the new century!

That is how it is with our walk with Jesus Christ. We have to take a good look at ourselves, often; just to check to see if we are truly listening; listening and learning from God, family and about new things. Have a great week!

Proverbs 4:7 –“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding.”