We recommend our readers vote "no" in the 2016 Presidential election.

An endorsement is a public declaration of support or approval. We cannot support any of the candidates in this year's race. We certainly do not approve of any of them.

Donald Trump has embarrassed himself, his family and this country with his personal behavior. His treatment of women and other minorities is beyond the pale. His attacks on members of his own party will cause permanent damage to the GOP.

Hillary Clinton faces moral and ethical issues of her own. Hidden and destroyed emails meant to avoid public record requests and keep information from the public show her belief that she is above the law. Her personal character is also diminished by many lies and attempts to mislead the public during public comments.

Clinton and Trump are not two sides of the same coin. They are two symptoms of the same disease. They are both proof that the two major parties have serious issues when it comes to choosing quality candidates.

Neither candidate is worthy of an endorsement or your vote.

We would never encourage a decision not to vote. Sometimes, a third party candidate has earned support. That isn't true of Gary Johnson. He has no knowledge of the most basic foreign policy issues facing our nation. He is not a serious candidate.

The only endorsement we can muster is an undervote. Please go to the polls and make your voice heard, but start down the ballot. Skip this race completely.

Oklahoma doesn't allow write-in ballots, so the only choice left is to vote on every issue other than President. Perhaps the undervotes will send a message that we will not give our votes to candidates who don't deserve them.