American elections are not rigged. They are not – not even a little bit.

American elections are not rigged. They are not – not even a little bit.

Each county in each state carefully and equitably protects both the access to and results at the ballot box.

This is a bi-partisan effort, and it is why America’s democratic process is among the best in the world.

Unlike Donald Trump and his team of surrogates who push these false rumors, I have evidence to back my claims. Between 2000 and 2012 the best estimates allege about 2,000 cases of voter fraud of any type. That’s less than 200 per year in every kind of election there is across America. I wish that were our country’s biggest problem.

However, in Kansas – where even the tiny number of Democrats are conservative – the state Legislature gave Secretary of State Kris Kobach prosecutorial power over voter fraud cases.

Kobach is the nation’s loudest voice decrying people with brown skin having access to ballot boxes. He has been a driving force for many of the voter suppression efforts across the country.

Kobach is also a big fan and advisor of Donald Trump’s because of his illegal immigration stance. Kobach became frustrated because he had to work with local county attorneys to file charges against the huge number of people voting illegally in his state. Kobach’s biggest fear was illegal immigrants coming to Kansas and affecting elections.

If they were, these illegal immigrants were voting for an awful lot of conservative Republicans. But unfettered by logic and evidence, the Kansas state legislature gave its Secretary of State the right to bring those voter fraud charges himself.

Thank God they did. A crisis has been averted in the Sunflower State.

Six months after receiving unprecedented power to prosecute these crimes, Kobach brought forth three charges – all against baby boomers who were all registered Republicans who he said voted in both Kansas and another state.

After a year of holding prosecutorial privilege, Kobach had wasted Kansas tax money on six cases and had one conviction to show for it. Apparently, illegal immigrants either aren’t bothering to vote or they’re smarter than Kobach.

I could be convinced of either scenario.

Even if you multiply Kansas’ voter fraud allegations to an order of magnitude to make up for larger populations, in New York or Pennsylvania, you might be able to drum up a dozen possible cases of voter fraud in an election.

For Donald Trump to question our voting system with these unsubstantiated and dangerous claims is irresponsible. All of his surrogates have come out and tried to say the media is rigging the election against him. But Trump’s own tweets show those thinly veiled defenses to be lies. He speaks of polling places being marginalized.

That isn’t the media whether Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence or Rudy Giuliani want to say it is. When the internet, cable news and radio are dominated with conservative programs, how long are we going to push the narrative that “the media” is an monolithic liberal beast?

It isn’t.

A lot of the media is liberal. Steve Bannon from Breitbart is actually running Trump’s campaign and Sean Hannity has turned FOX News into the Donald Trump Network for an hour each night. It is hard to find anyone even similarly in the tank for Clinton.

These surrogate restatements are the typical response to all of Trump’s controversial comments. He says something beyond belief during a debate or on Twitter and his surrogates are forced to try to explain it away for days afterward.

The other side has had plenty of trouble pointing out Trump’s lies and misstatements because Clinton “can’t recall” or specifically says things that are untrue about the emails that were improperly stored, lost and destroyed. Polls show both of them are roommates on the bottom floor when it comes to believability.

As a society, we can’t pretend it is acceptable for the candidate and campaign we support to lie because the other side lies. I know many people follow the old sports adage that “if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.”

But in politics, there is supposed to be a level of honor that rises above sporting events.

It’s only the fate of the nation that depends on it.

We can’t allow false statements to go unchallenged. We have to call out our party and the other party’s candidates on lies. We have to defend the fairness and high standards of our democracy.