Eleven North Rock Creek School band members have been selected for membership in two area-wide honor bands from auditions held recently at Ada Junior High School OBU.

Seven NRC musicians were selected for membership in the East Central All-District Bands from auditions held Nov. 5 at Ada. Chosen for the All-District Junior High Honor Band (grades 8-9) were Paige Iddings, 8th chair trumpet; Jordyn Sateren, 3rd chair bass clarinet; and Jody Cejka, 9th chair trombone. Chosen as alternates for the junior high honor band were Jack Balmes, 1st alternate clarinet; Brent White, 1st alternate French horn; Nate White, 1st alternate trombone; and Michael Simon, 2nd alternate baritone.

NRC students selected for the All-District Middle School Honor Band (grades 6-7) include Trenton Cope-Ueltzen, 1st chair French horn; Nate Gibson, 1st chair trombone; Colton Burch, 1st chair baritone; and Isaiah Elliott, 9th chair trumpet. Chosen as alternates for this band were Andrew Robertson, 2nd alternate alto sax, and Justin Lewis, 2nd alternate tuba.

The All-District Bands meet Jan. 6-7 for two days of rehearsal under guest conductors in preparation for the All-District Festival Concert on Jan. 7 at ECU.

Auditions for the OBU Regional Honor Bands were held the following Monday, Nov. 7, at OBU's Raley Chapel. NRC students selected for the Junior High Honor Band (grades 7-9) at this event included Brooke Bowman, 2nd chair tenor sax; Kayla Casteel, 2nd chair percussion; Jordyn Sateren, 2nd chair bass clarinet; Paige Iddings, 4th chair trumpet; Nate Gibson, 8th chair trombone; Jack Balmes, 10th chair clarinet; and Ryan Likens, 15th chair clarinet.

The OBU Honor Bands meet Jan. 2-3 under guest conductors in preparation for the final concert, which will be Jan. 3 at in Raley Chapel at OBU.