The plan to construct a new early childhood center in Tecumseh is entering its final stages.

Last week, the Tecumseh School Board met to discuss the current status of the early childhood center.

The architect and construction managers have a few finishing touches to be done in regards to the plans, but the plans will soon be completed and the project will be sent out to bid, said Tecumseh Superintendent Tom Wilsie.

“We are looking at the plans being completed somewhere around Dec. 16,” Wilsie said. “We will be sending the project out for bid at that time. Our target date for opening bids is around Jan. 19. That would put our groundbreaking sometime in February.”

On Aug. 23, voters in Tecumseh passed a $12.4 million school bond issue. The measure passed with 65.68 percent of the vote.

Partial funds from the $12.4 million bond will cover the construction of the childhood center.

The bond will cause an increase in property taxes.

“Our bond issue will be going off and the new one would replace that,” Wilsie said. “If a property owner paid $100 in property taxes last year, it would cost them an additional $12.91 for the year.”

Once completed, the building will include a safe room large enough to accommodate the students and staff.

Construction of the early childhood center will be located on the school property northeast of the high school.