TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Tulsa police said a second person has died after a motel shooting, tying the city's record for homicides in a year at 71.

According to police, two people were shot at the Holiday Express Motel on Friday evening. The second victim was pronounced dead at a local hospital Sunday. The two people who were fatally shot have not been identified, the Tulsa World reported.

The record for the city's homicides was last set in 2009. Police said the majority of 2009's slayings were gang-related, but Sgt. Dave Walker said this year's homicides do not seem to have a pattern.

"I don't see any common thread," Walker said. "They're happening in all parts of the city. They're happening for all types of reasons."

Walker said drugs may play a part in the city's high number of killings, with many of the situations that led to people being killed involving some sort of addiction. He named PCP and marijuana as some of the drugs prevalent in many of the killings.

Walker was concerned that investigators may become overwhelmed with the amount of homicides.

"The main concern is that eventually we're going to run out of gas," he said. "Our attempt is always to arrest quickly so that the public at large is not in jeopardy, but that takes a lot of man hours and a lot of running and gunning."

Police continue to look for the suspect in Friday's shooting.