Since Septermber, the Salvation Army storefront, located at 330 East 9th Street, has seen several changes.

Temporary lighting has been set-up and the sales floor has been re-organized to optimize the shopping experience, Salvation Army Captain Jamie Clay said.

“The sales floor looks entirely different than it did over summer,” Clay said.

Along with the re-organization, several other plans are in the works. The most recent upgrade has been the sales floor lighting. Future projects will include a new heating and air conditioning system, along with a fresh coat of paint.

“Our motto has been, 'improvements are coming soon.'”, Clay said. “Slowly but surely we will be making improvements inside the store. Lighting was a huge problem for us, because half the lights were out in the building. Just to have the temporary lights is already a huge improvement.”

Shoppers have the opportunity to take advantage of sales promotions almost daily.

“We still offer senior day, discounts to veterans, discounts to college students,” Clay said. “We now offer discounts on birthdays. Another thing we are doing is blue light sales. The store manager can decide at any given moment to offer an extra ten percent off the total purchase.”

During the holiday season, the Salvation Army is offering several deals.

“On Black Friday, there will be a 75 percent off furniture, electronics, and various decoration items. Boutique items will also be sold at a 50 percent discount,” Clay said. “During the Super Saturday sale, which is held on Nov. 26, the entire store will be 50 percent off. That sale will exclude Christmas items.”

To donate to the Salvation Army the process is rather simple. Items can be dropped off between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. If items are too large to donate, they can be scheduled for pick-up.

To schedule a pick-up, or are curious about daily sales, call (405) 275-4690.