Those who are a fan of Taco Tico have through Sunday to eat there before the Shawnee location closes its doors for good.

Taco Tico announced on its Facebook page Thursday that its last day to be open will be this Sunday.

“On Monday our doors will be closed for good. We encourage you to come and see us no later than Sunday! We would love to serve you one last time,” the post reads.

General Manager Jeremiah Lockhart said his parents, who own the restaurant, opened it in 2001 and he's been running it the past few years.

In the 15 years since they opened the independently-owned franchise at 1809 N. Harrison, the community has changed.

“We've had a good run,” he said, but added that business has slowed down the past couple years.

“Shawnee has changed a lot in 15 years — there's a lot of development,” he said.

All the restaurants now open up north were not there when they first opened, he said.

And it appears Shawnee's Taco Tico was one of just about a dozen left in existence.

When they opened Shawnee's Taco Tico in 2001, there were over 100 Taco Tico locations, he said.

He said the only other Taco Tico in Oklahoma is located in Claremore.

The closure will impact the restaurant's employees, who are more like a family, he said. He said the restaurant employs less than 10.

Lockhart, who was 9-years-old when his parents opened the eatery, isn't sure what comes next for him. He has a background in aviation maintenance but may be looking into studying more in the restaurant management field.

As news of the closure spread on Facebook, many left comments.

Billi J. Wietalman said, “I am so sad! Tico is closing! The employees are always so nice and courteous! The food is always so fresh and yummy.”

Becky Estes Gordon said, “Taco Tico always made a point to help donate food for the Shawnee QB club, as well as, various schools. Their generosity will be missed.”

Lockhart said they lease the building, so it's unknown what future business may occupy that site.