Things are bustling in Shawnee these days. A look in just about any direction yields construction sites and banners boasting of the things to come.

Things are bustling in Shawnee these days. A look in just about any direction yields construction sites and banners boasting of the things to come.

On Wednesday, Shawnee Planning Director Justin DeBruin offered a report to city planning commissioners, keeping them apprised of the latest developments around town.

Some updates included:

• Schlotzsky's Deli — “I don't have much information here, but the site will be just south of O'Reilly's on Kickapoo, near 45th Street,” he said. No building permit has been submitted yet.

“We did the rezone about two months ago,” he said.

• Sonic Drive-In — DeBruin said a building permit has been released for a Sonic Drive-In planned at the corner of Highland and Harrison.

“They will likely begin construction very soon,” DeBruin said.

• Marketplace — With Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in the middle of construction just north of CVS Pharmacy on Kickapoo, DeBruin said only two lots remain open (north of Freddy's) in the first phase of the Marketplace.

“We do not have a permit yet, but there is an interested business looking at the remaining lots (which would complete Phase I),” DeBruin said. “There could be a permit as soon as next week.”

Marketplace property planned for Phase II is just south of Hobby Lobby.

• Shawnee Auto Mall — The Joe Cooper Chevy dealership experienced a mild fire during construction recently, DeBruin said.

“From what I understand, welding around the roof caught insulation on fire,” he said. “Basically they have to go through and replace anything the fire touched.”

The blaze delayed the project by approximately two weeks — It isn't bad, all things considered, he said.

• Life.Church — DeBruin said a building permit is currently under review. The church is moving from its current location at Harrison and Westech Road to the west side of Harrison just a bit closer to Interstate 40.

“It looks nice. We are very excited,” he said. “The rendering I've seen is great.”

Full perimeter trees and landscaping around the parking lot makes it similar to the way the Marketplace is designed, he said.

“Once they wrap up the building permit they're going to get going pretty quickly on construction,” DeBruin said.

• Airport — “At the Shawnee Airport they are building an additional hangar just north of the actual airport itself,” he said.

• Domino Express gas station on Kickapoo Spur —

“I believe their intent is to have that open in the next two weeks,” Debruin said. “It has a car wash and the convenience store and landscaping.”

• Shawnee Milling Company — DeBruin said the mill has a big project coming up; they are still working on the permitting phase.

“It's just some future expansion they are proposing — another structure that will involve quite a bit of work,” DeBruin said.

• Domino Plaza Addition — DeBruin said the preliminary plat for the project at Harrison and 45th Street was approved a few months ago.

“It's been my understanding that they may be considering final platting the whole project, where beforehand they were only considering final platting the first lot for the convenience store,” he said. “It sounds like there's been some success, having people interested in these sites. … It's good news.”

• The Gathering Place — DeBruin said there is a coffee shop called The Gathering Place in the works at 413 E. Main St.

Watch for updates.

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