A driver who had outstanding arrest warrants when he fled into the woods on foot following a high-speed police pursuit and crash on Thanksgiving Eve has now been sentenced to prison for a list of charges in different cases.

Dustin James Coggins, 26, appeared during this week's felony docket in Pottawatomie County District Court and pleaded guilty to felony counts in two different cases, including the most recent count of endangering others while eluding police.

That charge was filed in connection with the Thanksgiving Eve chase that began in Shawnee and continued throughout rural areas east and northeast of Shawnee. The chase ended in a crash with Coggins fleeing on foot into the woods; he was arrested about a week later.

During this court appearance, Coggins first pleaded guilty to charges filed in August for possession of a firearm after former felony conviction, possession of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor of attempting to elude a police officer. He received 10 years with Department of Corrections for each felony count, along with one year in the county jail for the misdemeanor, with sentences running concurrently.

Those sentences also run concurrently with the charge related to the Thanksgiving Eve pursuit.

For that count of endangering others while eluding police, Coggins waived his preliminary hearing and pleaded guilty. He received a 10-year DOC prison term in that count, running concurrently with the other cases.

The sentences also run concurrently with felony cases in Lincoln County along with a 2013 case.

In that matter, Coggins was sentenced to three years with DOC for revocation of a previous sentence in a 2013 charge of attempted burglary, second-degree at a Shawnee business.