Update: 4-20-17: Shawnee police this morning corrected some information that was initially released on this accident. Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano says the woman's dog did not jump out of her vehicle. Instead, the woman, confirmed to be 84, was driving eastbound on Ridgewood Street and was looking for her dog, Lozano said. She was hit when jumping out of the vehicle to retrieve it. When the vehicle began rolling, she attempted to get in and stop it and that's when she was struck by her pickup, which rolled out into Harrison Street. Police have not yet released the woman's name. She was transported to OU Medical Center with unspecified injuries. Watch for updates.


A Medi Flight helicopter landed in the Shawnee Bowl parking lot on North Harrison late Wednesday evening after a woman was run over and injured with her own pickup.

Shawnee Police Cpl. Vivian Lozano said the woman, reported to be 80-85 years old, was driving a Ford pickup near Shawnee Bowl in the 700 block of North Harrison when her dog reportedly jumped out of the window of the truck.

Lozano, who said the woman reportedly stopped the truck to get the dog, said it appears she forgot to put the truck into “park” and was run over.

Shawnee firefighters and REACT EMS were on scene of the single-vehicle accident. Shawnee police also worked that scene; more information about the accident is expected from Shawnee police Thursday morning.

Watch for updates.