Now that Easter has come and gone, many locals are finding that — thanks to Shawnee resident Caren Glenn — the thrill of the hunt is far from over.

Now that Easter has come and gone, many locals are finding that — thanks to Shawnee resident Caren Glenn — the thrill of the hunt is far from over.

No, it's not an encore of the holiday, she said it's more of just a way to do something positive in the community and brighten peoples' day.

The wife and mother of two has started a perpetual community-sized game of hide-and-seek.

“I originally saw a news story about a group in Texas,” Glenn said. “They were painting rocks and hiding them.”

It was such a simple thing to do, she said.

“I decided it was something that I could do here in Shawnee,” she said. “It'd be a fun, inexpensive activity for people of all ages to participate in.”

Glenn said she officially started the game April 10 and it's really taken off.

In barely a week-and-a-half, Facebook already shows 535 members in the public group.

“People are painting, hiding and searching for rocks every single day,” she said. “I'm so excited to see the enthusiasm everyone seems to have.”

According to her post on her Facebook page called Shawnee OK Rocks, she encourages locals to join in the fun.

“Our goal is to get a lot of people painting,” she said.

To play the game, participant Ed Bolt said the person who finds the rock has the option to keep it or hide it again and post a clue about its location.

“There are a lot of rocks being painted and hidden by people of all ages and artistic talent,” he said. “Lots of kids have gotten involved.”

He said the activity is not just confined to downtown.

Glenn said Rock painting parties are fun and relatively inexpensive.

“Have one with your kids, for a girls night, with a shut-in senior,” she said. “The more you do, the more addicted to this fun community project you will be.”

Glenn encourages residents to add friends to the group. The more the merrier, she said.

Glenn makes one request to participants.

“On the back of your artwork, please write Shawnee OK Rocks with a Facebook symbol. You can also write 'keep or re-hide me' or 'keep or hide, you decide'.“

As with everything, participation comes with some ground rules:

• Rocks reflect the opinions and attitudes of the individual artists, and not those of the (group's) admin. “We cannot be responsible for people being offended...or anything else for that matter,” Glenn said.

• If you block the admin or moderators, you will be removed and blocked from the (Facebook) page.

• Please make sure the art is weatherproof.

• Any posts attempting to create a rule will be deleted.

• Private property is off limits.

• Cemeteries are off limits out of respect.

• Please make sure Rocks are not in the way of lawn mowers, weed-eaters or in the flow of traffic — safety first, Glenn said.

• Please do not hide rocks at a height that could cause injury if it falls.

• Absolutely no selling of anything will be tolerated. “This is a rock group. Do not PM (private message) members of this group with MLM (multi-level marketing) products,” she said. “If I am alerted to this you will be removed from this group.”

Find the group on Facebook by searching Shawnee OK Rocks, and ask to join.

You can reach Vicky O. Misa at (405) 214-3962.