Our partisan political environment is so radically divided down the middle that we are no longer split by our opinions on what the facts mean, now people can’t even agree with what the facts are.

Regardless of your opinion on Donald Trump, it is impossible to argue that his first few months in the White House haven't been among the most scandal ridden in history. His current wife and youngest child live in another state, Russia is accused of helping him get elected, and he has had to fire more close advisors than most Presidents will in a two-term tenure.

One great way to deflect reporting on all of these issues is to raise questions about the media. “Fake News!” is the constant refrain regardless of the charge or whom it comes from or whom it is against.

None of the news is fake. All of it is developed of solid reporting and fact. How important it is or what lasting impact it will have will be determined by Congress or the courts – and ultimately by the voters in 2018 and 2020.

This ethical and moral relativism that has become our new societal standard isn’t helpful. It shouldn’t matter who does something. Right and wrong are equally accessible to Republicans and Democrats alike.

If a Democrat does a stupid thing, it is wrong. It isn’t mitigated by the fact that a Republican did it first. The Republican who did it first is wrong and the Democrat who followed suit is also wrong.

That isn’t a partisan position.

All positions don’t have to be based on the political affiliation of the main subject in the news story. If you see the world through partisan glasses, you will lose all credibility and become nothing more than a shill.

This week, Kathy Griffin went from a barely known lewd comedian who embarrasses Anderson Cooper on CNN every New Year's Eve, to official spokesperson for every liberal everywhere in the world. When she held up some blood-dripping facsimile of President Trump’s head, she did more than go too far with a political opinion.

It was nothing more than a publicity stunt. It worked. But it also backfired.

Now even CNN fired her. Despite her actions being despicable, at least her being banished from CNN can be seen as a silver lining.

I don’t understand why no one can simply say she was wrong. Our morals and ethics have become far too relative for objective truth.

The chorus from the right is "what if someone did that to Obama?" The left replies with photos of every time someone did exactly that or worse to Obama.

Then they point out that Ted Nugent was not only a perpetrator of such verbal atrocities, he has already been a White House dinner guest in the Trump Administration.

The right worries about poor young Barron and his feelings. Surely any pre-teen boy forced to wear a suit that often can't be too affected by some Kathy Griffin skit. No one worried about the Obama daughters when the current President literally questioned their faith and heritage on an almost daily basis.

None of the people who worried about the Obama daughters seems to care about the young man playing the role of Presidential prodigy now.

We have to stop the “yeah, but” arguments and justification of one wrong with another. Two wrongs still don’t make a right. If it wasn’t acceptable from 2008-2016, it isn’t acceptable now.