SHAWNEE – For a century, Golden Brothers Circus has brought the best of entertainment for families across North America with elephants, Chinese acrobats and circus clowns. The circus will be coming to town on Monday, July 24 at FireLake Arena as part of its 100th anniversary tour and tickets are now on sale at

A classical circus running for an hour and a half long show, the entertainment will also include ‘Motorcycle Madness’ where daredevils on two wheels somersault and spin inside the Globe of Doom.

Also performing will be the Human Slingshot, cirque artists and aerialists executing the most daring of midair feats. Acts will feature elephants, camels and ponies.

Garden Brothers Circus has already distributed free children’s tickets to local elementary schools, daycare and churches, while the first 100 adult section tickets are on sale for $9.95 at