Cindy Arnold, finance director and city treasurer, reports the July sales tax check received this month was $1,537,860 or 4.22 percent higher than July 2016 of $1,475,520.

The Use Tax collected in July was $128,540 –– up $22,165 or 22 percent — compared to July of 2016, when $106,375 was received.

“Last year we didn't make budget in July,” Arnold said. “We're barely making budget now.”

To date, the total Use Tax collected is $18,135,732, up $147,842 or .82 percent, compared to last year when $17,987,891 was received.

“With the additional remittance of sales tax from Amazon, the trend so far is about $25,000 a month,” Arnold reported.


Pottawatomie County's sales tax collections for July showed an increase in revenue over July 2016. Treasurer Wendy Magnus reported this month's collections totaled $693,886.28, up from the same month a year ago when $641,872.37 was received –– an increase of $52,013.91.

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