You don’t have to love Donald Trump. You don’t even have to like it that he is the President.

At least I hope not, because I don’t.

But you do have to admire at least one thing about President Trump: He has the cleanest slates of any President in history.

I don’t know what is going on in the West Wing, but slates get really dirty there really quickly. Just over six months into this administration, we have seen historic turnover. Trump said on Twitter Monday that there is no chaos in the White House. A few hours later, he fired his communications director who hadn’t even had time to get business cards ordered.

Anthony Scaramucci had a whirlwind run in the Communications Director role. His hiring brought an end to the tenure of Sean Spicer as Press Secretary – although, Spicer resigned and his notice is still ongoing, so he actually outlasted the reason he supposedly left.

According to many reports, Reince Priebus leaving his role as Chief of Staff was due at least in part to a feud with Scaramucci.  Remember, one of the possibilities in a dual is that both guys get killed.

That apparently happened to Scaramucci when Gen. John Kelly took Priebus’ spot and helped force Scaramucci out.

If you want to know how bad Scaramucci’s tenure in White House communications was, he didn’t even get interviewed by Sean Hannity the night he left office. That’s a new low for former staff members.

Some reports were making the rounds that the President’s daughter and wife were upset with some of the coarse language Scaramucci used in his record-setting short tenure in the office. Really? They can handle what Trump has said and done, but not comments by a guy who was parroting him? That is doubtful.

What probably happened was the target of Scaramucci’s greatest hits got rid of him. He said awful things about Steve Bannon. When this ugly chapter of history is finally written, I would be more likely to believe Bannon refusing to be ridiculed played a much bigger part in the decision than anyone’s delicate ears hearing bad words.

When Spicer left, he said it was to give Scaramucci a clean slate. Scaramucci’s departure gives Gen. Kelly a clean slate.

One thing is certain. The White House’s slate is clean. I don’t know what kind of slate it is or how important it is to keep it clean. But it has been cleaned twice in a week. That’s pretty good.

Gen. Kelly could be the best thing to happen to this White House.

I’m not sure how he can control his boss, but if reports from the White House are true, all staff will report to Kelly. Filtering access to the President would prevent things like policies being decided and tweeted out with no vetting.

Trump is nothing if not impulsive, the less he deals with directly, the less chaos there will be. That is good for all of us.

But will Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and, of course, the President’s own daughter and son-in-law really step back and let Gen. Kelly have that authority?

It would be a wise move, but there haven’t been a lot of wise moves made since Trump took office. Hopefully, this goes on top of that short list.