On Thursday, Heather and Rocky Hall watched their youngest child head out the door for his last “first day” of school.

“I was nervous but excited at the same time,” Heather Hall said. “I've been in such a routine, getting up early every day to make him breakfast and make sure he gets ready. We should've had a couple more. I'm going to miss having someone to take care of every day.”

Braxton Hall is a senior at McLoud High School and is also the starting quarterback on the Redskin's football team.

“We know this time next year he will be going of to college,” Heather said. “He wants to play football in college so we will see where he ends up.”

Braxton started off in the Harrah school district from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. From there he attended Choctaw until he was a sophomore and has been at McLoud since his junior year.

Heather said she remembers his first day of school and that Braxton was very excited for his first day.

The entire family was excited for Braxton's last first day of high school. His two older sisters texted and asked for pictures, Heather said.