At the beginning of September, Pastor Cliff Briscoe will travel to Albania and will minister at several churches.

“I'll be spending about two days each in seven or eight churches,” Briscoe said. “The idea is to establish the basic cornerstone of why the blood of Jesus was necessary.”

Over the last 20 years, Briscoe has traveled to Albania several times. This will be his sixth time making the trip.

After the fall of communism, Briscoe first traveled to Albania to help establish churches.

“Traveling there was such an eye opener,” Briscoe said. “When we first went to Albania there were no churches. We had to start from the ground up and teach people about Jesus.”

The first trip to Albania was an eye opener, Briscoe said.

“I've been to several different third world countries so I know what real poverty looks like, he said. “Then you have this European nation and it was a wreck. The first time I went to Tirana there was a man on every street corner with a machine gun.”

Traveling back to Albania in more recent years, Briscoe has noticed the country beginning to prosper.

“Now they have elections and the free market system,” Briscoe said. “Every time I go back to Tirana, it's becoming an upscale city. Now Tirana has a cosmopolitan feel to it. The Albanian people are a good strong people, so I think the people will continue to flourish. ”

Over the years, the spiritual climate of Albania continues to flourish, Briscoe said.

“In the beginning there was this enchantment,” he said. “Even the pastors were awed. When we go, we really try to bring the presence of God. We pray for people to receive the holy spirit. It was a great experience. The more I've gone, the more I see the people are starting to get their footing.”

During this trip to Albania, Briscoe will travel from church to church preaching to various churches. He will be staying at various pastor's homes, Briscoe said.

“This will be my first time going to preach at different churches,” he said. “I'll spend roughly two days at each church.”

As he travels back to Albania, Briscoe is looking forward to the Albania's version of pizza.

“Their idea of pizza is a little different than ours here in America,” Briscoe said. “It's more vegetables and sauce than so much cheese. I enjoy the simpler eating, and it's much healthier.”

Briscoe will leave for Albania Sept. 1 and return Sept. 18.