Greetings! Have you been enjoying the cooler weather and these wonderful and beautiful fall days?

Greetings! Have you been enjoying the cooler weather and these wonderful and beautiful fall days?

Well, it seems things have been hopping and bopping here in the old hometown, as Kate and her group at the Shawnee Senior Citizens Center sure do their best to keep things hopping and moving! It is her desire to make sure every senior citizens is being involved in some of the activities at the center, but she made sure those of you that liked to dance could shake your bootie or do the two-step last Saturday night!

Hats off to Ms. Kate for all that she does to keep the Shawnee senior citizens happy, fed, active and busy! It seems like everyone had a fantastic time at the old-fashioned type street dance; or that is, from what everyone says. Of course, for myself, I didn’t see any of you, as I was home pampering some type of flu-like symptoms!

Oh, yes, when you see Ms. Kate, please notice her very attractive hair style. I thought she was some new fashion model in town, as she looked so young and beautiful when she walked in after visiting the beauty shop!

Well, not that she isn’t beautiful, every day! Well, I have seen her a time or too, when her feathers had been ruffled, when her printer or computer wasn’t working properly. AND, at that time, her red hair was redder than ever before!

Hey, it was so good to see all you volunteers, at volunteer banquet and recognition dinner Tuesday night at the expo center. Everyone wore a smile and had their finest on and their best foot forward, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner, which was followed by some very good band music!

Thanks to Ms. Thixie! She did a great job giving recognition to all the volunteers and worked diligently to make sure all her volunteers were honored, as she does every year! Hats off to you, Thixie!

Well, I think it is about time for Mr. Jack Frost to come along for a visit, to turn our leaves various colors, spreading splendor of beauty across the horizon. Therefore, I was out last evening, raking up leaves and old fallen pecans, that had fallen over the last year.

Those little boogers had been hiding, so close to the ground.

The only way I knew they were hiding was by walking across the area!

Are any of you ready for Halloween trick or treaters? If not, if you are like me, we better get our spooky stuff out and load up with goodies, ‘cause that event is just around the corner. And, in case you might expect me, I like Snickers and chocolate kisses!

Be sure to get out and enjoy this fabulous weather before one of those ‘northers blows in, which it is about time for one to come rolling in! And, folks, we won’t even have our long johns out of storage, if we keep putting it off!

Also, we need to make sure the furnace and all types of heat are ready to go, and just in case we might have some real nasty, icy, freezing conditions. In case the power goes off due to iced over power lines, we might need to have some kerosene type lamps or lanterns around, just in case!

Have a fantastic and blessed day, and remember, be sure to give a smile away today!

Psalms 63:7 “Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.”