A tornado was reported in Seminole over the weekend, causing damage to several homes.

City of Seminole Emergency Manager Ernie Willis said the National Weather Service rated it as a high EF1.

No injuries were reported, he said.

The twister's 86 to 110 mph winds left many homes in varied degrees of disarray.

“Two houses were damaged to the point they were deemed unlivable,” Willis said. “Eight or so have major damage and 20 to 30 have some sort of damage.”

Lots of trees were damaged in the tornado path and adjacent to it, Willis said.

“I’ve had reports of damage three miles west of town to seven miles east of town,” Willis said.

Numerous power poles were damaged; he said at one point more than 800 residents were without power. “OG&E dispatched more than 26 men and 16 or more trucks,” he said. “All power was restored by Sunday night.”

Willis said Maple Grove cemetery was badly damaged.