Some days it is hard to find something to write about. But today, I wanted to write about everything.

Students of the Month

We have received the second set of Students of the Month and they will be announced soon. The Patriot Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram Students of the Month become finalists for the Student of the Year award that will see one of the 16 finalists driving away from the May 7 Best of Preps Banquet in a new Jeep Renegade.

Each month I find myself feeling bad for the judges who have to select the winners from the nominees from area high schools.

The program is doing exactly what Patriot’s Tatton Manning set out to do when he donated a car to give away to the program.

It is highlighting the number of great young men and women that walk those high school hallways. They do great work in their classrooms, show great character and support their communities with volunteer work.

This program encourages that type of achievement and recognizes the best of the best.

I find myself looking forward to receiving the nominations each month just to see what the next generation will look like. Older folks like to complain about “kids these days,” but this program is convincing me that “kids these days” are going to be just fine.

Great baseball cities

I received an email from a group that tries to gain attention by making lists. The best 10 cities for barbecue. The 10 best cities to live in. The 10 best cities for water aerobics. You get the picture and you probably get the emails.

Wednesday email named the 10 best baseball cities in honor of the World Series beginning.  They named many cities you would expect like New York, St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You would expect those since they are home to proud major league franchises.

Shawnee was overlooked. With three straight state titles and an undefeated team last year, Shawnee should have at least been in the top twenty.

I’m sure it was just an oversight.

Fats Domino

I know several Fats Domino songs even though I wouldn’t call myself a fan.

I could have been a fan of the man and his music, but life experiences got in the way.

When I was in high school I owned a game called Tri Ominos. It was basically three sided dominos.

My friends had never heard of the game and I tried to explain it to no avail. However, they did understand crude humor and since I was overweight, I suddenly gained the nickname “Fats Tri Omino.” They found themselves so funny that the nickname hung around for the entire semester. I was never more ready for a school year to end.

I was sad to see Fats Domino died but at least the nickname worked out better for him than it did for me.