It looks like Shawnee is adding another venue to its arsenal of fast-food establishments.

It looks like Shawnee is adding another venue to its arsenal of fast-food establishments.

During Wednesday's Planning Commission meeting, a preliminary plat was approved for a site just south of the Quality Tunnel Car Wash on the 4400 block of North Harrison Avenue. Applicant and project engineer Amy Landry, of Galveston, Texas, submitted plans to build a Chicken Express fast food restaurant at the 1.16-acre location.

Also, Planning Commissioners continued with efforts to fill their board.

The committee has been at least one or two seats light for awhile, but the board had plans to swear in two new members — Cody Deem and Daniel Matthews. Deem was not at the meeting, so her swearing-in has not happened yet.

The board unanimously decided to approve a resolution determining that an Amended and Restated Shawnee Downtown Revitalization Project Plan is in conformance with the City of Shawnee Comprehensive Plan; it will recommend that the Shawnee City Commission approve and adopt the plan.

The board took some time to have a discussion about the City of Shawnee Sign Code flag pole regulations, due to a recent case considered by the City of Shawnee Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBOA) regarding a variance to the City’s code concerning height of signs, but more specifically a flag pole in this case. If a property is within one-quarter mile of Interstate-40, sign height shall not exceed 40 feet. The applicant requested a variance to allow for a 100’ flagpole for a Chevy Dealership located at 4920 Auto Mall Drive.

The ZBOA denied the requested variance, on two counts — first, the request would be inconsistent with precedents in place; and second, the request does not qualify as a variance.

According to the agenda, staff has reviewed the request with great caution, “as the City of Shawnee has a history of preserving the highway visual corridor, particularly by regulating sign height, building height, billboards and other advertising.”

For the purposes of continuity, it should be noted that current structures and signs along I-40 have been held to the 40-foot height standard. A 100-foot flag pole would be double the height of existing structures.

Though it's a large flag, City Planner Justin DeBruin said the intent of such could be deemed as advertising — attracting the attention of passersby.