When Shawnee City Commissioners meet Monday, several agenda items will be up for their consideration.

When Shawnee City Commissioners meet Monday, several agenda items will be up for their consideration.

During the meeting, commissioners may authorize City Manager Justin Erickson to use funds from the lodging surcharge account to purchase a mobile stage in partnership with Visit Shawnee, Inc. (VSI) and Safe Events for Families (SEFF).

“The City of Shawnee has been seeking a mobile stage that can be utilized for public events and gatherings

for a number of years,” the agenda reads. “Budgetary constraints have limited our ability to acquire one, as even a modest-sized new stage can run in excess of $75,000 with lighting and sound.”

According to the memo, the city was approached by SEFF about contributing to the purchase of a pre- owned stage that is in good condition.

“A commitment of up to $15,000 in matching funds was approved by VSI Dec. 13,” the agenda reads. “Under the proposal, the City would also provide matching funds up to $15,000.”

The unit would be titled, insured and maintained by SEFF, and would be available for use by the city and/or VSI without charge anytime.

SEFF is a registered non-profit that has a contract with the City to provide family- friendly events including the Christmas Parade, Boo-on-Bell and Trail Days.

The City would gather the $15,000 in funding from the occupancy surcharge account (hotel/motel tax), which can only be used to encourage, promote and foster tourism development and visitor attractions.

Board members are set to discuss and possibly take action regarding an ordinance to approve the annexation of more than 500 acres owned by St. Gregory’s University and the Benedictine Fathers of Sacred Heart Mission, Inc., and providing for its immediate effect and enforceability upon passage and publication through the emergency clause.

The annexation concerns land that was previously detached by the City of Shawnee Jan. 17. No changes in land use are proposed at this time.

The Shawnee City Commission will consider the annexation request and conduct a public hearing during the meeting.

A Parks Master Plan presentation will be made to commissioners so they may determine whether to vote on a resolution to approve the design phase.

The City of Shawnee envisioned the need for an effective master-planning effort to guide future development and implementation of park improvements.

The City selected CLS & Associates to prepare plans providing recommendations for four parks. The plans resulted from meetings with park and city staff, with site reconnaissance and with the review of the 2015 Park System Inventory & Assessment, which was completed by Dick Horton, Consulting the agenda reads.

Following this work, preliminary plans were prepared and presented to Shawnee residents in public meetings in May and November. After the public meetings changes were made and a more holistic master plan was created, the memo states.

The plan being shared Monday presents the final adjusted plans for six parks (two more were added): KidSpace Park, Briscoe Boy Scout/Rotary Park, Celebration of Life Park, Woodland Park, Optimist Park and Dean Weigant Park.

“The development of these parks will greatly improve the parks system by providing new and improved features to increase safety and offer increased recreational opportunities to the citizens of Shawnee,” the agenda reads.

Recommended first steps include securing funding.

The plans included within the document are not generally sufficient to bid or construct projects, but they are extremely valuable in securing funding for improvements, the agenda summary reads.

According to the memo, the city is already looking into some federal/state-match programs, as well as grants from private foundations as funding options.

Also on the agenda, the board may decide to approve a contract with Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) for pavement management, inspection, condition, rating and reporting services.

“The City Engineering Department took proposals from various firms to provide services to conduct and complete Pavement Condition Surveys (PCS) of all existing city streets, and using such data generated to develop a Pavement Management System (PMS) that the City will be able to utilize for the next five-10 years,” the agenda reads.

Upon review of the five proposals received, the City Commission approved staff's recommendation to negotiate with IMS, and to bring back a contract for the Commission's consideration.

Staff has completed the negotiation process with IMS and are recommending the city enter into a consultant services agreement for the amount of $112,700.

In other business, the board is scheduled to confirm and approve Erickson’s hiring of Bonnie Wilson as the city's new airport manager.

“Ms. Wilson has an extensive aviation background, including over sixteen years of service at the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority in Mississippi where she held several positions including: director of public safety and operations, chief operating officer, interim chief executive officer and chief administrative officer,” Erickson said.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Public Administration from the University of Houston and is a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives, he said.

Commissioners are slated to consider a resolution to surplus three City of Shawnee vehicles and donate them to the Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center.

The agenda states recently the Parks and Cemetery Departments got authorization to purchase five half-ton pickups and a one-ton truck.

“Three of the vehicles to be replaced with the new vehicles were auctioned off Nov. 25 in a public auction,” the agenda reads. “The Expo has requested the three remaining vehicles to replace some of their aging fleet.”

On the Municipal Authority agenda, staff is asking the City Commission to purchase a flusher/vac combination unit.

“The old trailer mounted vacuum unit is over 15 years old and does not work most of the time and needs to be pulled by the flusher truck,” the agenda memo from Utility Director Steve Nelms reads.

The new unit will be operated by the flusher truck operator in the sewer department.

“The current set up takes up to five employees to operate; with this new unit it will only take two employees to operate,” Nelms said in the memo.

Estimated cost is $388,000, just under the budgeted amount of $400,000.

The only item set for the Airport Authority is to approve the minutes from its last meeting.

The 6:30 p.m. meeting will take place Monday in the Bertha Ann Young City Commission Chambers at City Hall, at 16 W. 9th St.