Looking for a great way to jump- start your active health and fitness program? If so, I would like to recommend spending the next 4-6 weeks improving your endurance.

Looking for a great way to jump- start your active health and fitness program?  If so, I would like to recommend spending the next 4-6 weeks improving your endurance.

Participating in physical activity presents normal challenges, like fatigue to the heart and other working muscles of the body. Repetitive strength training with resistance causes a lactic acid build up or burning sensation in the working muscle.  When your body is being challenged with rhythmic aerobic activities for extended periods of time with walking, cycling, or running, the heart begins to beat faster, work harder, and your body attempts to process oxygen at levels that will allow you to sustain the activity.  For the untrained exerciser these effects can be very uncomfortable. Slow progression and safety is important here, so before beginning any fitness program always check with your Health care professional for clearance!

Our goal is to improve both muscular and cardio respiratory systems so that your body may safely withstand physical challenges without abnormal discomfort, through regular endurance training for all muscles. Endurance is defined as the act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress, continuing for the duration, and the state of persevering.  These qualities are definitely important for fitness enthusiasts who want to begin, maintain, and improve their active quality of life and health programs.

Endurance is a major key!  If you have trained your body to be strong enough to safely endure the challenges associated with continued physical activity, there is absolutely not much else that should prevent you from continuing your program and achieving any desired fitness goal you have set for yourself!

Keep endurance up, and all areas of your program like strength, cardio vascular function, cardio respiratory function, and flexibility may realistically be improved. Of course as these components are improved, so too will your active quality of life!

Build up your endurance gradually starting out with as little as 5- 15 minutes at a time, if you need too.  Starting out at a lower level of effort and working your way up is very important, especially if you have been inactive.  Endurance training is most effective when done 5-6 days per week, and can produce some benefit at a minimum of 3 times per week.

Choose exercises that are convenient and enjoyable.  Remember to warm up and stretch before, cool down and stretch after exercise and don’t increase your intensity level more than once a week to allow your body time to adapt to the new level of activity.  At first don’t worry about distance or speed. Simply focus on getting the desired time in comfortably, maintaining a steady pace and breathing deeply.

After three weeks, exercise should feel like mild work.  You should not exercise so hard that you feel you can’t catch your breath or your heart pounds uncomfortably.  After about 4 weeks the exercise should feel like moderate work.  You should be able to carry on a conversation without becoming more than slightly out of breath.  Slow down if you cannot. Your goal after 6-8 weeks will be to have progressed up to 30 minutes per session for at least 3 times per week.  Increases to your cardio sessions should not be by more than 5 minutes per week, or bi weekly if necessary!  The slower the better!

Challenge muscular endurance with resistance training for your entire body equal to 40%-70 of your one repetition maximum lift.  Perform higher repetitions, preferably 12- 20 rep range, allowing 30 – 90 seconds only between each set depending on your fitness level.

More endurance equals a boost to your 2018 health and fitness program! Improved endurance will make the heart and lungs work better, with less effort, improves sleep and mental health, reduces the effects of stress, and will help you use more calories and burn extra fat!

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