Greetings! Here’s hoping you have enjoyed these beautiful days, as I am sure we are going to have some bad weather sneak in and surprise us, as Oklahoma weather can change in a flash!

Greetings! Here’s hoping you have enjoyed these beautiful days, as I am sure we are going to have some bad weather sneak in and surprise us, as Oklahoma weather can change in a flash! But, it is with much thankfulness that we haven’t had any icy weather! When it is like that, I just leave my Nissan Titan parked and I stay inside and if need to go out, I call a cab, as that is much cheaper and safer than me trying to drive on ice. Of course, this kind of weather is good for going through old photograph albums, reminding you of past celebrations and family gatherings, of which most of those loved ones have already crossed the Jordan River.

Speaking of the Jordan River, I could recall reading about it in the Bible, and believe me, when I say, “What a shock in seeing how narrow and shallow it was.” I know time changes everything, but I sure thought it would be wider and deeper than it was. I was happy to hear that Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel, as I thought it should have been all the time, because there is such a large building in Jerusalem, with a very large dome top, covered with gold. Everyone there, locally, goes in it several times daily, and leaves their shoes at the door, with all the natives getting down on their knees, with head down into their hands, to pray. I recall how at certain times daily, everything stopped and everyone prayed at certain times, daily, (now this may have changed over the years, but I am relating about my trip in the 1970s), and at the specified hour, which I recall being at five p.m. on this day, when a weird wailing type of siren blasted out the alert, would go off and all natives would bow down, in the street, market or where ever they were standing. Of course, all tourists kept on walking and shopping. It would be a blessing for all Christians to go to the Holy Land, as it changes your outlook on the Bible, and makes each site so real. I recall standing at the Wailing Wall, and everyone always writes on small pieces of paper and pushes into the crevices of the Wall, as it is such a holy site for all to visit. I didn’t know what to write, so I carefully removed several to see what they wrote, but it was all in various foreign language! So, I didn’t figure it mattered what I wrote, just so it was a prayer.

Today was a good day for reminiscing, so, I pulled back the pages of time in my brain’s filing cabinet and thought back to the ’50s. In fact, 1955 when I made my first move from the small rural town of Wilson, down in the southern part of the state, in Carter County. That was the year my husband returned from Goose Bay, Labrador, where he had spent a year, and saved his money to purchase a new car, upon his return to the lower forty-eight. He purchased a new turquoise and white sand colored deluxe Plymouth, I think was a Belvedere, and we moved to the Rio Grande Valley. That was many moons ago, as my Dad used to say, as he was of Indian heritage. Of course, many years and numerous vehicles have passed by since then, and lots of changes in my life. I think If I had known I would have lived all these years, and moved as many times as I have  over the last 60 years, I wouldn’t have accumulated all these things that I have moved from place to place!  And, to top it off, when you start thinking of getting rid of some of it, no way, there’s too many memories attached to it!

Well, I’m going to tell you something, as the years add up, all those possessions don’t mean as much to you, as when all the family were at home. Also, when left alone, the rooms are larger than ever, and the vacant chairs in all the different rooms, are so eminent. That is when you go out and try to join in all the community organizations and go to the meetings of AARP and to the Senior Citizens’ Center, so you won’t be alone and make some good friends. In fact, you don’t have to eat alone, if you don’t want to, as the Senior Citizens’ Center serves breakfast and lunch daily, Monday through Friday. So, don’t sit home and moan because you are alone, come on down and make some new friends.  

Proverbs 18:24 – “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly; and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”