Classes in Macomb were cancelled Thursday and Friday due to a significant amount of the student body out sick.

Out of the 285 students at Macomb, about 57 students were out sick Thursday, Superintendent Matt Riggs confirmed.

Macomb Superintendent Matt Riggs decided to close the school Thursday, Jan. 25, and Friday, Jan. 26, because of the high number of students out for flu and other illnesses.

“We will use this time to disinfect the school and allow our students and staff to get well,” Riggs said. “We are aware and take into consideration the strain an abrupt cancellation of school can place on families in our district. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.”

And while classes are not in session, extra-curricular activities will continue, and any changes will be announced.

The plan is for Macomb to return to regular scheduled classes on Monday, Riggs said.